About Mayfield Osteo

Osteopathy is a form of manual healthcare that recognises the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Osteopaths focus on how the skeleton, joints muscle, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function as a holistic unit.
At Mayfield Osteo, we want healthy results and people to have a pain free life, where possible. Our greatest results for our patients is to never see them again in our practice.

Mayfield Osteo practitioners Andrew and Kylie share a common connection in wanting to heal and help. Operating from purpose built offices adjoined to their family home nestled in the quiet streets of Mayfield East, Andrew and Kylie provide treatment using skilled evaluations, diagnosis and a range of hands-on techniques.

On average, we spend 2-4 visits with patients suffering short and long term pain with the aim to get consistent relief, a period of no pain for injuries or imbalances that may have been active for years.

We’ve helped people who have been in pain for twenty years with 3 visits. Because the number one thing aboutĀ  osteopathic treatment is understanding the individual. At its core it is about what is actually happening with you and then catering a health maintenance program specific to the individual’sĀ  issues, daily and weekly activities and stresses.

kylie and andrew wearing casual wear standing outside with big smile from mayfield osteo

What can you expect when you visit an osteopath?

On your first consultation your osteopath will immediately ask about your problem and symptoms, they may also ask medical history questions, medications, as well as factors that may not appear to be directly related to your problems.

Contact Andrew and Kylie at Mayfield Osteo on 4968 9664 for an appointment and discussion about your condition whether it be consistent or spasmodic neck pain, back pain, migraines, sports injury pain, prevention of injury and much more.

andrew conducted an osteopathy therapy
kylie conducted an osteopathy therapy